20 Dec
The Myths of working for an agency

You may of heard many comments about working for an agency, find out the truth here:

"It costs money to work for an agency"

No, this is illegal. A recruitment company should NEVER ask for payment for you to work for them or find you a job.

"Recruitment companies take a cut of your pay"

This is a common myth, recruitment agencies generate their income by charging a fee to their clients, not the candidates.

"They only offer temporary jobs"

It all depends what the employer is looking for, whether that is temporary staff, temporary to permanent contracts or direct hire permanent employment. We can accommodate for short term or long term vacancies.

"You're just a number under an agency"

We build relationships with our candidates and ensure the job is the right fir for you and you'd be suitable for the vacancy. Our recruiters will be available to contact when required and are here to help you settle in your new role. If the position isn't for you we'd be happy to accommodate and alternative if available.





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