19 Dec
Common CV writing Mistakes to Avoid

Perfecting your CV is key, avoid common mistakes by following our guide here:

Poor or Inconsistent formatting

This is one of the first things an employer will notice when they look at your CV, if the formatting is poor they may not even read it. Make all headings the same size and font with equal spacing between paragraphs and ensue you don't cram anything on with tiny text.

No attention to detail

Proof read your CV multiple times for spelling mistakes, outdated information, accuracy and professional fonts and wording. An employer will want you be to be organised and if you can't make your CV look impressive, they would worry how much pride you'd take in your work.

Making your CV too long

Having a CV too long to read could be detrimental to your application as many employers state they won't read a CV that's longer than 2 pages. Therefore, we advise you focus on quality rather than quantity.

Not tailoring it to the role

We strongly recommend you tailor your CV to suit the role you're applying for, this not only shows you have researched the company, but matching your skills relevant to what they're looking for in their ideal candidate will attract their attention.

Focusing on duties rather than achievements 

Draw attention to your accomplishments rather than going off the job description. What have you been successful in? This also gives you something to expand on in your interview to try differentiate yourself from the competition.

Inappropriate Email Address

Finally, make sure the email you are using is professional and appropriate. Setting up a new email is quick ad easy.

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