11 Jul
The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees for your Business

Whether it is entry-level or senior level, Imperial Personnel can provide you with a selection of temporary staff for various industries.

So how can using our temporary staff can benefit your business?


Employing temporary workers encourages your business to remain flexible and suit your needs. You can hire multiple temps to cover any increase in demand, with no long-term commitment if your workload was to decrease. At Imperial Personnel, we have many candidates that are available for immediate work in various industries, giving you a low cost and low risk approach to recruitment.

Faster Hiring Process

Permanent hiring can take time, so using temporary staff is a quicker way for your business to find the right candidate and means you can bring staff in with short notice for immediate starts. We have a pool of temp candidates ready to start working with a short notice, so you can spend more time and resources focusing on your business and daily operations.

Finding the Right Fit

Temporary workers are a good opportunity for your business to see if an individual is the right fit for your vacancy and if they meet the needs of your day-to-day operations. Many of our clients use this method to see if a temporary worker shows their full potential before offering them a permanent contract. If you don’t think it’s the right fit, our consultants can source an alternative candidate for your business with short notice.

Can Help During Seasonal Periods

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many businesses. Therefore, having our candidates at your disposal at these peak times can be used as support for the additional workload any business may face during these periods. Temporary workers are an efficient way to increase your workforce at a short notice.

Provide Cover for Any Unforeseen Absences 

If any of your staff are absent due to long term sickness, a sudden departure, extended annual leave or maternity/paternity leave, then our temporary workers can be placed with you easily to cover these unforeseen absences your business may be facing. Hiring temporary staff is an ideal way for your business operations to continue running in this timeframe.

No Compliance Strain

Hiring a temporary worker through Imperial Personnel couldn’t be easier. We take the timesheets from you, and then look after the full payroll process. We also take all Right To Work documents and carry out the necessary checks for workers, including but not limited to checking Settlement Status and looking into restrictions with Visas. All Candidates that work for you will be 100% compliant.

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