20 Jul
Common Myths of Working with a Recruitment Agency

Thinking of using a recruitment agency for your recruitment? Learn the true facts from the myths that we’ve heard about recruitment agencies here.

“Agency staff are unreliable and don’t understand our industry”

We have consultants who specialise in each industry so they can successfully identify the perfect candidate for your vacancy and understand what is required to be suitable for your role. Our Logistics, Commercial and Industrial consultants are experienced and have a proven track record of filling vacancies in their respective industries.

“We have less control in our candidate search if we use an agency”

Our consultants will always be in correspondence with you and are contactable when required, we ensure they’re updating you and are transparent about their candidate search process. It’s key to inform our consultant working on your role of your needs and requirements for your vacancy. Our consultant will then send over CV’s they feel are suitable for your role and arrange an interview with the candidate, so you get the opportunity to see if they’re the right fit.

“Agencies take a longer time to fill roles”

Due to our extensive networks and experience in hiring, recruitment agencies often fill roles more quickly than a business can on their own. We can help manage the process effectively, coordinating interviews and handle any negotiations, improving the time to hire process.

“We thought you only filled temporary roles”

Imperial Personnel will assist in filling positions of all types, whether its temporary, contract or permanent full-time positions. We have specialised desks for different types of roles and recruit for anything from Trainee to Senior level roles.

“Agencies are more expensive”

Lots of time and resources can go into your HR team when trying to fill an internal role, whilst making the wrong hire can have greater costs on your business in the long term. Lots of clients inform us they find they use our services so their time can be spent growing their business and managing their operations. Our recruiters have the capabilities to source the candidates most appropriate for your vacancy and a faster time to fill can be more cost effective for your business.

“Agencies just post job ads online”

Whilst Imperial Personnel do use online job postings, this is just one tool at our disposal. We have extensive networks, headhunting strategies, database searches, referrals, and industry knowledge to source the best candidates on the market.

Looking for temporary or permanent recruitment support? Contact us today on 01623 575800 or on info@imperialpersonnel.co.uk for support in any Logistics, Industrial or Commercial vacancies you need assistance with.





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